Phrasal Verbs With ‘Kick’

Phrasal verbs start with Kick (Phrasal Verbs With Kick). A Phrasal verb like Kick about, Kick around, Kick back, Kick down, Kick in, and more.

Phrasal Verbs With Kick

Kick about

Meaning: Discuss
Example: I found this book kicking about upstairs; is it yours?

Kick around

Meaning: Discuss
Example: The idea of flight had been kicking around for centuries before man actually achieved it.

Kick around with

Meaning: Spend time with
Example: I used to Kick around with them, but haven’t seen them for a while.

Kick back

Meaning: Pay someone illegally as part of the price
Example: As soon as they’ve finished up, they kick back and wait for the next show.

Kick back

Meaning: Relax
Example: Such behaviour warrants a smart kick back on his backside.

Kick down

Meaning: Break something with your feet
Example: When the kick down, the bathing suit comes out of the water every time.

Kick in

Meaning: When a drug starts to take effect
Example: Everyone agreed to kick in 50 cents for a present for the teacher.

Kick in

Meaning: Break something with your feet
Example: The storm is expected to kick in shortly after sunrise.

Kick off

Meaning: Start a game of football
Example: England won the toss and chose to kick off.

Kick off

Meaning: When trouble starts
Example: The shows kick off on October 24th.

Kick out

Meaning: Expel
Example: I get a real kick out of owning my own car.

Kick up

Meaning: Cause trouble or pain
Example: He felt his stomach started to kick up.

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