Phrasal Verbs With ‘Knock’

Phrasal verbs start with ‘Knock’ (Phrasal Verbs With Knock). A Phrasal verb like Knock about, Knock around, Knock back, Knock down, and more.

Phrasal Verbs With Knock

Knock about

Meaning: Beat someone
Example: The ship was badly knocked about by storm.

Knock around

Meaning: Discuss casually
Example: We need to knock around the district to find a proper man for the transplantation.

Knock back

Meaning: Cost someone a lot of money
Example: Someone knocked on the wall and he knocked back.

Knock back

Meaning: Finish a drink quickly, drink a lot of alcohol
Example: That really knocked back any hope for further peace negotiations.

Knock down

Meaning: Demolish
Example: Knock down the machine before shipping.

Knock down

Meaning: Hit and injure someone
Example: A clever lawyer can knock down 40, 000 dollars in a good year.

Knock it off!

Meaning: Stop doing something annoying
Example: Oh, knock it off Alex, I’m really not in the mood for your jokes.

Knock off

Meaning: Finish work for the day
Example: The headmaster is trying to knock off every objection.

Knock off

Meaning: Reduce the price of something
Example: My health compels me to knock off work.

Knock off

Meaning: Reduce the time required to do something
Example: When pressed they knock off 10 percent.

Knock out

Meaning: Hit and make somebody unconscious
Example: The air raids were planned to knock out communications on the ground.

Knock out

Meaning: Sell, distribute
Example: This little lady will knock out a tank at 300 yards.

Knock over

Meaning: Rob
Example: The racoons knock over the rubbish bins in search of food, and strew the contents all over the ground.

Knock together

Meaning: Join houses that had been separate
Example: They knocked together two rough mailboxes with wooden boards.

Knock up

Meaning: Become or get someone pregnant.
Example: The players have a couple of minutes to knock up before the match starts.

Knock up

Meaning: Play a bit before a match to get ready
Example: They decided to knock up a table tennis match.

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