Phrasal Verbs With ‘Press’

Phrasal verbs start with ‘Press’ (Phrasal Verbs With Press). A Phrasal verb like Press ahead, Press for, Press forward with, Press into, Press on, Press upon, and more.

Phrasal Verbs With ‘Press’

Press ahead

Meaning: Continue with something
Example: The president will now press ahead with his plans for reform.

Press for

Meaning: Apply pressure to get permission or to obtain something
Example: The members of the committee agreed to press for the conference to deal with the problem.

Press forward with

Meaning: Continue or go ahead with a project, process, plan, etc
Example: The peasants were eager to press forward with their work.

Press into

Meaning: Bring or force into use
Example: They press into the bottoms of his sneakers.

Press on

Meaning: Continue with something
Example: Organizers of the strike are determined to press on.

Press upon

Meaning: Pressure someone to accept something offered
Example: There were no rows upon rows of mean, diseased little cottages now to press upon her and worry her.

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