Phrasal Verbs With ‘Put’

Phrasal verbs start with ‘Put’ (Phrasal Verbs With Put). A Phrasal verb like Put across, Put away, Put back, Put by, Put down, and more.

Phrasal Verbs With ‘Put’

Put across

Meaning: Communicate, convey a message
Example: This group must put across its views and gain popular support and understanding for its campaign.

Put away

Meaning: Put something back in the correct place
Example: Put away any valuable or breakable objects.

Put away

Meaning: Put someone in prison
Example: It’s amazing the amount that child can put away.

Put back

Meaning: Rearrange something for a later time
Example: The meeting has been put back to next Thursday.

Put by

Meaning: Save for the future
Example: The Premier put by the question by saying that our country was still poor.

Put down

Meaning: Kill an animal because it’s old, ill, etc.
Example: The army put down the rebellion.

Put down

Meaning: Stop holding (but withdraw support gently)
Example: Put down that book and help your mother with the dishes.

Put down for

Meaning: Commit to make a payment
Example: In addition, questions may be put down for written answer.

Put down to

Meaning: Give as an explanation
Example: I was having difficulty reading, which I put down to the poor light.

Put forward

Meaning: Propose, suggest or nominate
Example: They put forward many valid reasons for not exporting.

Put in

Meaning: Install
Example: Students are all put in different groups according to their ability.

Put in for

Meaning: Make a request
Example: They’ve put in for more money for the building of the new highway.

Put off

Meaning: Postpone
Example: Never put off until tomorrow what may be done today.

Put off

Meaning: Stop liking something or somebody
Example: People are put off by her strident voice.

Put on

Meaning: Get fat
Example: The fault of the horse is put on the saddle.

Put on

Meaning: Deceive, lie
Example: The flowers were put on the table for ornament.

Put on

Meaning: Start wearing
Example: Police put on body armour before confronting the rioters.

Put out

Meaning: Broadcast
Example: Silks and satins put out the fire in the kitchen.

Put out

Meaning: Disturb or trouble someone
Example: They used special high-pressure hoses to help them put out the fires.

Put out

Meaning: Extinguish a cigarette, fire, etc.
Example: The French news agency put out a statement from the Trade Minister.

Put over

Meaning: Successfully execute (a scam, trick, etc.)
Example: He put over a complex and difficult business deal.

Put through

Meaning: Connect someone by phone
Example: Trainee commandos are put through an exhausting assault course.

Put together

Meaning: Assemble
Example: Ministers are trying to put together a package that will end the dispute.

Put towards

Meaning: Make a financial contribution
Example: The money will be put towards the purchase of personal computers for running chemistry software applications.

Put up

Meaning: Allow someone to stay at your house for a night or a few days.
Example: The opposing team put up a very strong showing.

Put up

Meaning: Increase prices, taxes, duties, etc.
Example: The defenders put up a strong resistance.

Put up

Meaning: Show skill or determination in a contest, competition, fight, etc
Example: The students put up a poster on the bulletin board.

Put up to

Meaning: Encourage someone to do something
Example: An algorithm, which combines SEM algorithm and region growing method, is put up to segment target.

Put up with

Meaning: Tolerate
Example: Developing countries won’t put up with the situation for much longer.

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