Phrasal Verbs With ‘Ring’

Phrasal verbs start with ‘Ring’ (Phrasal Verbs With Ring). A Phrasal verb like Ring back, Ring in, Ring off, Ring out, Ring round, Ring up, Ring with, and more.

Phrasal Verbs With ‘Ring’

Ring back

Meaning: Return a phone call
Example: Tell her I’ll ring back in a few minutes.

Ring in

Meaning: Telephone to inform or confirm something
Example: Some findings will have a familiar ring in the West.

Ring off

Meaning: Finish a phone conversation
Example: Somebody had pulled his gold wedding ring off his pudgy hand.

Ring out

Meaning: Make a sudden loud sound
Example: The election completes, the set descended to ring out as the applause of thunder.

Ring round

Meaning: Telephone a number of people, usually to try to get some information
Example: The children sat in a ring round the teacher.

Ring up

Meaning: Telephone
Example: Ring up your agent in New York and put your proposition to him.

Ring up

Meaning: Achieve an amount or number
Example: They might ring up and ask why some of their share certificates had not arrived.

Ring up

Meaning: Enter figures into a till or cash register
Example: Theses are matters that you can ring up in committee.

Ring with

Meaning: When a place is full of a loud sound
Example: Through studying blank design method for ring with rectangle cross section by bisection algorithm, the bisection algorithm routine which is realized.

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