Rub along Rub down Rub in Rub it in Rub off on Rub out Rub up against Rub up on

Phrasal Verbs With ‘Rub’

Phrasal verbs start with ‘Rub’ (Phrasal Verbs With Rub). A Phrasal verb like Rub along, Rub down, Rub in, Rub it in, Rub off on, and more.

Phrasal Verbs With ‘Rub’

Rub along

Meaning: Have a reasonably good relationship
Example: We manage to rub along together fairly well.

Rub down

Meaning: Dry or clean something with a cloth
Example: Trainers rub down an athlete after hard exercise.

Rub down

Meaning: Massage or rub someone to help them relax
Example: For a natural worn look, lightly rub down the varnish when hard with fine steel wool.

Rub in

Meaning: Apply a substance like cream or ointment and rub it until it is absorbed
Example: When hair is dry, rub in a little oil to make it smooth and glossy.

Rub it in

Meaning: Emphasise how bad a situation is to make someone feel worse
Example: The situation was embarrassing enough without having you rub it in.

Rub off on

Meaning: Pass a quality or characteristic to people
Example: His experience will rub off on the other players.

Rub out

Meaning: Delete ink or pencil with an eraser
Example: The quickest way to do this is to rub out dotted lines on a map.

Rub out

Meaning: Kill
Example: The mob is planning to rub out the key witness.

Rub up against

Meaning: Touch someone in a sensual or sexual way
Example: The only certain scale to rub up against my memories was the tennis court.

Rub up on

Meaning: Revise
Example: I need a rub up on my Latin.

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