Phrasal Verbs With ‘Shut’

Phrasal verbs start with ‘Shut’ (Phrasal Verbs With Shut). A Phrasal verb like Shut away, Shut down, Shut in, Shut off, Shut out, and more.

Phrasal Verbs With ‘Shut’

Shut away

Meaning: Imprison or remove someone’s freedom
Example: They were shut away in a little room where nobody could overhear.

Shut down

Meaning: Close a business, shop, etc.
Example: They shut down the nuclear reactor for safety reasons.

Shut down

Meaning: Turn a computer off
Example: Smaller contractors had been forced to shut down.

Shut in

Meaning: Prevent someone from leaving
Example: A window slammed shut in the wind.

Shut off

Meaning: Close, prevent access
Example: They pulled over and shut off the engine.

Shut out

Meaning: Exclude
Example: She finds it impossible to shut out the memory of the accident.

Shut out

Meaning: Not allow a player or team to score
Example: The shutters were closed to shut out the daylight.

Shut out of

Meaning: Exclude someone from an activity, etc
Example: The disabled could be shut out of gun ownership because of difficulty passing a proficiency test.

Shut up

Meaning: Stop talking or making noise
Example: I wish you’d shut up for a moment and listen to what the rest of us have to say.

Shut up

Meaning: Close for a period of time
Example: The cottage had a musty smell after being shut up over the winter.

Shut yourself away

Meaning: Withdraw from company
Example: Not a good idea to shut yourself away like this once you got a bit older, thought Meredith.

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