Phrasal Verbs With ‘Step’

Phrasal verbs start with ‘Step’ (Phrasal Verbs With Step). A Phrasal verb like Step aside, Step back, Step down, Step forward, Step in, and more.

Phrasal Verbs With ‘Step’

Step aside

Meaning: Leave a job or position so that someone else can take over
Example: It’s time for me to step aside and let a younger person become chairman.

Step back

Meaning: Look at something from a different perspective
Example: It was necessary to step back from the project and look at it as a whole.

Step down

Meaning: Leave a job or position so that someone can take over
Example: She reluctantly agreed to step down as managing director.

Step down

Meaning: Reduce
Example: The president need not step down so long as the elections are held under international supervision.

Step forward

Meaning: Offer help
Example: It is our firm conviction that a step forward has been taken.

Step in

Meaning: Get involved by interrupting something
Example: The first step in a job search is to prepare an up-to-date CV.

Step on it

Meaning: An imperative used to tell someone to go faster, especially when driving
Example: The second stair creaks when you step on it.

Step out

Meaning: Leave a place for a very short time
Example: I’m just going to step out for a few minutes.

Step to

Meaning: Confront
Example: The first step to virtue is to abstain from vice.

Step to

Meaning: Chat, talk to
Example: Acceptance of the offer is the first step to a merger.

Step up

Meaning: Increase
Example: The final step to the process, then, is follow-through.

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