Phrasal Verbs With ‘Stop’

Phrasal verbs start with ‘Stop’ (Phrasal Verbs With Stop). A Phrasal verb like Stop around, Stop back, Stop behind, Stop by, Stop in, and more.

Phrasal Verbs With ‘Stop’

Stop around

Meaning: Visit someone for a short time.
Example: The bus stop around the corner is probably the most convenient.

Stop back

Meaning: Return somewhere
Example: Can you stop back later? I’m busy right now.

Stop behind

Meaning: Stay somewhere when other people leave
Example: I am starting to puff a bit now so I stop behind a Ford Capri and try to get my breath back.

Stop by

Meaning: Visit somewhere briefly or quickly
Example: We suggested that she stop by that evening to talk things over.

Stop in

Meaning: Stay at home
Example: The trip includes an overnight stop in London.

Stop in

Meaning: Visit briefly
Example: The plane made an unscheduled stop in New York.

Stop off

Meaning: Break a journey
Example: Try to stop off for at least an hour to explore the medieval town.

Stop out

Meaning: Be out late, especially when you are expected home
Example: Not all the universities allow students to stop out.

Stop over

Meaning: Stay somewhere when on a journey
Example: The plane stops over in Dubai on the way to India.

Stop up

Meaning: Stay up late
Example: Some tried to stop up the leaks while others tried to steady the rudder.

Stop up

Meaning: Fill or block something
Example: The sink was stopped up with hair and fragments of cloth.

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