Phrasal Verbs With ‘Talk’

Phrasal Verbs With ‘Talk’. A Phrasal verb like Talk around, Talk at, Talk back, Talk down, Talk down to, and more.

Phrasal Verbs With ‘Talk’

Talk around

Meaning: Persuade
Example: We spent a whole hour talking around the problem before looking at ways of solving it.

Talk around

Meaning: Talk about a problem or issue without really dealing with it
Example: He had never heard Alex talk around dope before.

Talk at

Meaning: Talk to someone and not give them a chance to reply or listen to them
Example: I’ve been invited to give a talk at the conference.

Talk back

Meaning: Respond rudely to a person in authority
Example: This programme gives TV viewers a chance to talk back.

Talk down

Meaning: Try to make something sound less important
Example: The material was written to inform, but not talk down to, consumers.

Talk down

Meaning: Persuade someone not to jump off a high place to kill themselves
Example: If you do not talk down to a child, it will assuredly talk up to you.

Talk down to

Meaning: Talk in a way to show your superiority not communicate
Example: I wish politicians wouldn’t talk down to us as if we were idiots.

Talk into

Meaning: Persuade someone to do something
Example: The user makes a local call to dial into the Internet, then talks into a microphone.

Talk out

Meaning: Discuss a problem or issue to find a solution
Example: If you two don’t talk out the differences between you, it’ll be very difficult for you to continue working together.

Talk out of

Meaning: Persuade someone not to do something
Example: Coaches say they want to take trash talking out of high school football.

Talk over

Meaning: Discuss
Example: The entire committee will talk over the proposal.

Talk round

Meaning: Persuade
Example: It advises salesmen to talk round reluctant customers over a cup of tea.

Talk round

Meaning: Talk about a problem or issue without really dealing with it
Example: We must have spent at least five minutes talking round the subject.

Talk through

Meaning: Guide someone through an issue
Example: They help you talk through your problems but they don’t give you any solutions.

Talk up

Meaning: Make something appear more important or significant than it really is
Example: If we talk up the event, people will surely come.

Talk yourself out

Meaning: Talk until you have nothing left to say
Example: When it’s cold or dark outside, or you’re too tired to go to the gym, it’s easy to talk yourself out of running.

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