Phrasal Verbs With ‘Win’

Phrasal Verbs With ‘Win’. A Phrasal verb like Win back, Win out, Win over, Win round, Win through, and more.

Phrasal Verbs With ‘Win’

Win back

Meaning: Win something again that you had lost
Example: The Government will have to work hard to win back the confidence of the people.

Win out

Meaning: Succeed after a difficult process
Example: Our product is sure to win out over those of our competitors.

Win over

Meaning: Get someone’s support
Example: An extra-time penalty gave Barcelona a last-gasp win over Chelsea.

Win over

Meaning: Convince someone to support you
Example: Their win over old rivals Manchester United was the high point in their season.

Win round

Meaning: Persuade someone to support you
Example: Mr Major yesterday held what was probably his last face-to-face meeting to win round a group of waverers.

Win through

Meaning: Succeed after a struggle
Example: Most people are fairly confident that the workers will win through in the end.

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