Present Perfect Tense | Definition & Examples -

Present Perfect Tense | Definition & Examples

Present perfect tense is used when we have to describe an action that has been completed in the immediate past or that occurred at an indefinite time in the past, or that began in the past but continues in the present.

The structure of this tense is: has/have + main verb + ed or en.

For example,

  • Have you ever been to Europe?
  • Gujarat has been a state since 1960.
  • Jack has just finished his homework.

Contraction with Present Perfect

I haveI’ve
You haveYou’ve
He hasHe’s
She hasShe’s
It hasIt’s
Rahul hasRahul’s
We haveWe’ve
They haveThey’ve
The car hasThe car’s

Examples of Present Perfect Tense

  • Have you ever been to Europe?
  • I have written articles on different topics.
  • Gujarat has been a state since 1960.
  • He has read various kinds of books.
  • Jack has just finished his homework.
  • They have played football.
  • They have already gone for a walk.
  • She has taken coffee.
  • I have just returned from Columbia
  • He has gone to the library.
  • My brother is sick, we have called the doctor.
  • We have shopped in this market.
  • We have played football on the ground.
  • We have watched movies in this Cineplex.
  • He has written a letter to her friend.
  • You have shopped in that market.
  • They have worked in the field.
  • I have sung different kinds of songs, especially modern.
  • She has sung a song in the classroom.
  • I have listened to melodious songs.

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