10 phrases that can boost self-confidence in teenagers 

​“Yes, you can do it” 

Teenagers often lack the confidence to pursue something new. The onus is on parents to lead them in the right direction. 

“You are way more capable than what you think of yourself” 

Give the right boost of faith in the child and help him/ her find the talent. 

​“Never give up” 

Teach your child to not give up. Perseverance pays off though it demands time and effort at times. 

​“Hard work never goes in vain” 

Failure is the nemesis of teenage mind. Many times teenagers are unable to cope with failure. During this time give them hope. 

"You are the best version of yourself every single day" 

Help the child realize that no matter what he/ she is the best of himself/ herself every single day. 

"You do not have to please others "

If your child thinks that pleasing people is a rare quality and he/ she is miserably failing at it, help them overcome this. 

"You are unique "

Tell your child that everyone is born unique. Help them understand that it is essential to find one's own innate talent. 

"Never doubt yourself "

Teenagers often go into long phases of self-doubt and neglect. They need help to overcome that. 

"You are perfect "

The idea of perfectionism haunts teenagers. From looks to academics, teens should be guided in the right manner to understand perfection. 

"Self confidence is the best outfit "

Teach your teenage son/ daughter that self confidence is the best outfit one can ever have! 

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