10 tips for successful studying

Attend all your classes 

It can be really tempting to skip a class or two here and there. Skipping class isn’t a good idea. You can borrow your friend’s lecture notes, but you will still have missed out on a lot of information. 

Join a study group 

Aside from giving you the chance to befriend others on your course, study groups are a great way to maximize your learning. 


At the start of each semester, you’ll get your course handbooks, timetables, exam dates, and essay deadlines. It can all feel a bit overwhelming and it is tempting to simply ignore it all for a few weeks. 

Get to know your library 

Within your library you will find a huge range of resources that can help you dig deeper into your area of study. 

Build a daily routine 

In the busyness of university life, it can be easy to get distracted and get to the end of the day finding you haven’t done any studying at all. Block out a regular time every day to study and stick to it. 

If you don’t understand ask 

Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help, whether from your coursemates or your lecturer. It can be intimidating to approach your lecturer and tell them that you don’t understand something. 

Learning tools 

Find some learning tools that work for you. Mnemonics are a great way of remembering simple concepts or lists. They can be built around phrases, music, or even rhymes. 

Good notes 

Making good notes as you study or listen to a lecture is so important. Don’t try to write down everything said in a lecture, keep to the key points. 

Maximize study space 

Wherever you study, whether it is in your room, the library, or on your favorite bench in the park, you need to make sure that you are using the space as best you can. 


University shouldn't be all work and no play. You need to take plenty of time for yourself, to spend with your friends, to try new things. 

Thank You