18 Common Collocations for business reports

Do you want to enrich your knowledge on collocations for business reports? You have come to the right story!

A collocation is the combination of words or how they are arranged in a sentence in a natural way.

In addition to improving learners' oral communication and listening comprehension, they also enrich their reading speed.

So, without further ado, let us go through some collocations that will help you improve your IELTS Writing score.

"1. To reap the benefits (of something):  gain benefit from something/ make the most of something  Example - The students reaped the benefit of the teacher's absence during the exam."

"2. To contribute to something:  to give something, especially money or goods or to help someone  Example - This graph shows how consuming fast food has contributed to obesity."

"3. To have a right to do something:  to be entitled to do something Example - Every child born in this country has the right to receive an education. "

"4. To launch a full-scale investigation into something:  to involve totally and enthusiastically  Example - After the twelfth murder this week, the police authorities launched a full-scale investigation into this case."

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