7 habits of highly effective language teachers


Vocab Quiz


Be passionate about teaching

It is often said that some become teachers by choice and others, by chance. The former is passionate about teaching and love their profession. I have come across many English language teachers who are passionate about teaching the language.


Be knowledgeable

Teachers who have the habit of developing their knowledge as a routine, focus on their professional development. This helps them become effective teachers.


Be patient

Contrary to advertisements from some coaching centres, it is not easy to become proficient in English in 30 days. Learners learn at their own pace. English language teachers need to be patient and tolerate mistakes.


Ability to connect with students

Teachers can who have the habit of empathising with others are able to connect with learners easily. Language teachers need to develop the habit of making connections easily.


Be polite and encouraging

English language teachers who have the habit of talking to people politely always use positive language, which is informative and proactive. They encourage learners to do things correctly instead of pointing out errors.


Be a good listener

Being an active listener is an important characteristic of a good language teacher. A listening teacher is open-minded and makes students realise that they have a voice.


Be proactive

English language teachers, who are proactive, know their moral responsibilities as a teacher, create a good learning environment for students, in the classroom, maintain high standards, and make wise decisions.

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