Advanced Phrases For IELTS Speaking With Meaning

To put it in a nutshell Meaning: to summarize something in a few words.

By and large Meaning: on the whole, generally speaking

On the flip side Meaning: on the other hand, taking an opposing view or perspective

To cut a long story short Meaning: to give a brief version of a long story or explanation

To be on the fence Meaning: to be undecided or neutral about something

To play devil's advocate Meaning: to argue the opposite position for the sake of debate

To take something with a grain of salt Meaning: to not take something too seriously, to be skeptical or cautious

To think outside the box Meaning: to approach a problem or situation in a creative or unconventional way

To be in the same boat Meaning: to be in the same situation as someone else, to share the same problem or experience

To hit the nail on the head Meaning: To identify or state something correctly, to be exactly right

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