Difficult phrases for IELTS with meaning

To bank on someone/ something  Meaning: To guess that something is probable.   Example: I am banking on them to save the match. 

Bring to the table  Meaning: Providing someone with expertise or benefits.  Example: Owing to her experience in the Finance sector, Sudha can bring a lot to the table for our company. 

To be out of your mind  Meaning: To be upset about something or the inability to concentrate on anything.  Example: Rathin has been acting weird lately. I think he is out of his mind! 

Drives me up the wall  Meaning: To be extremely annoyed.  Example:  It drives me up the wall when I see people littering on the ground. 

Hit the ceiling  Meaning: To explode with anger. Example: Dad will definitely hit the ceiling when he’ll go through my report card. 

Zero in on  Meaning: To focus or aim precisely on something.  Example: With exams nearing, I need to zero in on my studies so as to improve my grades. 

Speak of the Devil  Meaning: When someone appears just when you have mentioned them.  Example: Did you know that Shashank scored really well in the ACT exam? Oh, speak of the devil, here he comes! .   

To get the ball rolling  Meaning: To start something  Example: Now that we have all the team members on board, let’s get the ball rolling on this project!   

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