Idioms About Animal

a little bird told me 


I got this information from a source I cannot reveal.; I don’t wish to divulge where I got the information

as gentle as a lamb 


Said about kind , innocent, mild-mannered people.

as rare as hen's teeth 


If something is as rare as hen's teeth, it is very rare.

at the end of one's rope 


If you say someone is at the end of their rope you mean that they are in a situation in which they have no resources, strength, or patience left.

back the wrong horse 


If you back the wrong horse, you support someone or something that later cannot be successful.

be a cold fish 


be a person who is distant and unfeeling

be like a fish out of water 


to feel uncomfortable in a situation

be the cat's whiskers 


The phrase to be the cat's whiskers is an old idiomatic expression. If you feel you are the cat's whiskers, you consider yourself to be the center of the universe.

beat a dead horse 


To persist or continue far beyond any purpose, interest or reason.

beef up 


To strengthen or make something more effective.


big fish in a small pond 


One who has achieved a high rank or is highly esteemed, but only in a small, relatively unimportant, or little known location or organization.

big frog in a small pond 


The phrase big frog in a small pond refers to a very important person in a place where there are less important people.

bird's-eye view 


The phrase a bird's-eye view is an idiomatic expression. Literally, it refers to a view seen from high above.

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