English phrasal verbs for IELTS

get back at Meaning: have revenge on someone Example: Laila promised herself that she would get back at whomever started the rumor. 

get by Meaning: survive or manage at the bare minimum Example: When Sheila lost her job, the family had to get by with only their savings.

get down Meaning: enjoy oneself without inhibitions, especially with music or dancing Example: Vicente may be overly formal at work, but he sure knows how to get down to hip-hop.

get [x] down Meaning: depress or discourage someone Example:  Kima always gets everyone down with her stories from the hospital.

get down to Meaning: begin or start Example: Once everyone arrives, we’ll get down to picking teams.

get in on Meaning: join an activity Example: After Bitcoin started going up, everyone wanted to get in on cryptocurrency.

get into Meaning: discuss something thoroughly  Example: I don’t want to get into our finances now; we’ll talk after our guests leave.  

get [x] out of Meaning: receive a benefit from something Example: Babysitting the Cohles was a nightmare, but at least Janelle got some money out of it.  

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