6 Exercises That Can Burn Fat Faster Than Running

Estimating the number of calories burned by a type of exercise is not an exact science. The number of calories burned depends on your fitness, intensity of the workout, metabolism, weight and various other factors. In other words, just because the average person burns around 650 calories per hour when running at 5mph doesn’t mean you will burn the same. Exercising in short, high-intensity bursts may also continue burning calories after you stop your workout. This is why high-intensity interval training is often recommended for weight loss.


Rowing is one of the most effective ways to burn calories. If you can keep your intensity at over 200W, a 70kg person can expect to burn over 800 calories per hour. Despite this, you’ll often find the rowing machines empty at the gym. It’s not the most enticing form of cardio, but it’s highly effective if you want to lose weight.


If you want an activity that’s more competitive than stationary rowing, Taekwondo could be the perfect choice. It’s a tough martial art, but the inherent competitiveness makes it great for burning fat. To put this in context, a single class of Taekwondo could burn off the equivalent of 2-3 slices of pizza. Many people also find martial arts less monotonous than steady-state cardio.


Another competitive sport that burns a lot of calories is soccer. According to the Independent, the average person can expect to burn over 900 calories per hour when playing. You don’t need to play at a high-level to burn plenty of calories. Pick-up games or just a kickabout with friends can do the job – although the intensity needs to be high if you want to maximise calorie burn.


High-intensity swimming is a brilliant way to burn calories without putting too much strain on your joints. A few leisurely lengths of breast stroke won’t do the job though. To burn more than running at 5mph, you’ll need to swim quickly. Butterfly stroke is the best option for burning calories as you use more muscles.


Just like stationary rowing, indoor cycling can burn over 800 calories per hour. The key is to keep up a high intensity. This is why spinning classes can be useful, as you’ll be pushed to your limit by the instructor.


For short and high intensity training sessions, a jumping rope can be almost as effective as cycling or rowing. You should aim for around 100 skips each minute to maximise your calorie burn. This exercise can be hard on your joints and tendons though – especially the Achilles and patella tendons. Start slowly and work up to 100 skips per minutes over the course of several sessions. If you feel any pain, stop immediately.


We often get asked whether yoga is good for burning calories. Some people say it’s great for flexibility and mindfulness, but not so much for burning fat. Others, such as the team behind Yoga Burn, claim it can be effective for weight loss – but only if you do it right. While yoga is never going to burn as many calories as the other exercises on this list, it has been shown to have a positive effect on people who want to lose weight. This might be through increased calorie burn, but may also be due to improved mindfulness that helps people avoid overeating.

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