How to help your child remember what she reads

Remember and not memorize it

With exams round the corner, wouldn't it be every child's dream to remember whatever she reads? Well, science can help

Link the information with something

Associate the information you are reading to something that will help you remember it for long.

Focus on enjoying it

Instead of treating it as a task, tell yourself that you are enjoying what you are reading.

Summarise after reading

Encourage your child to express what she just read in her own words, both orally and in written format. This way their mind will register the information.

Trick your mind into liking what you are reading

It may sound crazy but tell your mind that you are liking the part you are reading and it will spike your interest.

Highlight important lines

This is the most basic tip that will help you identify the important lines and will save you the time to go back and forth through the books

Make important notes

Take colourful sticky notes and jot down information you are finding tough to process - and keep reading them and deciphering them.

Take breaks

If you keep studying without taking breaks for a workout or a cold shower, the mind will become dull and you will struggle to register concepts.

Help a friend

See your friend struggling with some part, take it upon yourself to coach them and you will see how you are able to grasp it for longer.

Thank you

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