How to Write a Formal Letter?

This story will quickly inform you or help you revise your understanding of a formal letter.

A formal letter is one that is addressed to an unknown recipient, such as a professional, an official, a business, a retailer, a hotel, etc.

In simple words, these are letters you send to unfamiliar people you do not know professionally or personally, maintaining certain etiquette and courtesy.

The letter begins with a salutation like 'Dear'/'Respected'. You should not use the name of the recipient and instead write Sir/Madam.

The first body paragraph or the opening paragraph should include the purpose of the letter.

You can rephrase the question and format it such that it reads as though it were a part of the letter.

The second body paragraph includes the supporting details and covers all the bullet points mentioned below the question.

Add one or two finishing lines to finish the paragraph.

Although it is not required, you can add a few words or a single line for the complimentary close.

Your best regards are included in the formal letter's concluding greeting, along with your complete name.

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