How to Write an Informal Letter?

In this story, you will get a quick idea of how to write an informal letter.

A letter that is written informally is one that is addressed to a person you know well, such as a friend, family, or acquaintance.

The tone of these letters is quite approachable and cordial.

In informal letters, you can use the opening salutation, like ‘dear, Hi, Hey, etc’ and use first name of the receiver.

The objective of the letter should be stated in the introduction or first body paragraph.

With phrases like "How are you," "I hope you are in good health," etc., you may rephrase the question and begin the letter.

The supporting information for each of the bullet points listed below the question is covered in the second body paragraph.

You can add a few lines or a single line for the complimenting closing, even though it is not compulsory.

It is meant to help you enhance your test scores.  For example:Looking forward to hearing from you.

Your best regards are included in the formal letter's concluding greeting, along with your complete name.

Thank You