Idioms For Ielts Speaking Updated

To kill two birds with one stone Meaning: To achieve two things with one action.

To throw in the towel Meaning: To give up or quit.

To pull someone's leg Meaning: To tease or joke with someone.

To be a fish out of water Meaning: To feel uncomfortable or out of place in a new situation

To beat around the bush Meaning: To avoid talking about a subject directly.

To have a chip on your shoulder Meaning: To have a sense of resentment or anger towards someone.

To be the apple of someone's eye Meaning: To be someone's favorite or most loved person.

To have a picture-perfect life Meaning: To have a life that appears perfect on the surface.

To be a bird in the hand Meaning: To have something that is certain rather than taking a risk for something greater.

To have a snake in the grass Meaning: To have someone who is sneaky or untrustworthy.

To take the bull by the horns Meaning: To face a difficult situation directly and with courage.

To be a different kettle of fish Meaning: To be entirely different or distinct.

To be in a nutshell Meaning: To be brief and concise.

To be a fly on the wall Meaning: To be an unnoticed observer.

To be at the end of one's rope Meaning: To be at the limit of one's patience or endurance.

To be a tall order Meaning: To be a difficult or challenging request.

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