Improve your Speaking Band for IELTS

Here are our 8 expert tips for immediate results!

Tips to follow for bonus points. We are aware of your dedication to honing your speaking abilities. Here are some simple pointers that, if used, will increase your score by brownie points.

Speak to Impress. Get familiar with the format and evaluation criteria. Learn how to organise your responses in the manner expected by the examiners.

Take Mock exams Practice the most common and repeated questions and Speaking topics.

Plan and organize your thoughts. Think before you speak! Your answers will be fluent and impressive if you plan ahead.

Use the power of vocabulary The diversity of words we use when speaking is called vocabulary. Varied vocabulary will significantly raise the final score.

Sound natural and don’t mug up. Keep calm, speak clearly, and talk in your natural accent and speed. 

A smile & eye contact is what you need. Posture, eye contact and confidence are vital to making a good impression

Avoid repetition Instead, reframe the question in your own words.

Remember that this is a language exam Your answers will be judged on skills rather than correctness. Answer even if you don't know the exact facts.

Thank you