Paragraph Writing

The word ‘paragraph‘ comes from Greek words, ‘para’ beside and ‘graphein’ to write. A paragraph is a distinct unit of thought – usually a group of related sentences, though occasionally no more than one sentence – in a written or a printed composition. The form of a paragraph is distinctive : the first line is indented, about one inch in longhand and five spaces in typewritten copy.

How to Write a Great Paragraph?

List of Paragraph Writing Topics with Examples

The most common means of making an idea clear to the reader is to support it and build it up by particulars and details. How does the writer find her details? By observing, by thinking, by reading, by asking questions. It does not matter whether the details come first or the general idea. In the finished paragraph everything should be neatly ordered and properly displayed.

1. Particulars and Details

Use several closely related examples or one striking example to illustrate the controlling idea. Examples are especially useful for developing a generalization that a reader might question or might not understand. To be convincing, an example given in support of a generalization needs to be truly representative.

2. Examples

A definition is an answer to question: what do you mean by this? In what sense is this or that word used? A formal definition has two parts: first the thing being definition is put into a class of similar things; then it is differentiated from all other things in that class.

3. Definition

Comparison is telling what a thing is like. Usually the more familiar thing or idea is used to explain the less familiar are. If you were to explain the game of badminton, for instance, you could show how it was similar to tennis, the more familiar game.

4. Comparison and Contrast

A topic may be developed by the method of cause and effect. A paragraph may show (1) the reason for the phenomenon or condition specified in the subject sentence; (2) its consequences; or (3) both cause and effect.

5. Cause and Effect

Many paragraphs are developed by not any single method, but by a combination of two or more. All these methods may be used in developed or supporting any statement in a paragraph as well as the topic sentence. For instance, a statement in the middle of the paragraph may be amplified by means of specific details, a specific example, cause and effect and so on.

6. A Combination of Methods

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