Parts of speech in English Grammar

Noun naming words of places, persons, things, groups, ideas Examples of noun Mike, Jane, India, Eifel tower

Pronoun words used instead of nouns Examples of pronoun he, she, you, her

Verb words denoting actions Examples of verb study, work, hit, sleep

Adjectives words which describe a noun or pronoun Examples of Adjectives tall, smart, active, red, longest

Adverbs words describing the verb Examples of Adverbs quickly, neatly, slowly, hurriedly

Prepositions words which tell something about the noun or pronoun Examples of Prepositions on, in, below, under, into

Conjunctions Joining words Examples of Conjunctions and, but, or, so

Interjections words showing strong emotions or feelings Examples of Interjections wow, oh, ah, alas

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