Signs That You’re a Great Developer

After reading this article you’ll understand how good you’re at programming and how to upgrade your skills immediately!

Programming isn’t only about sitting in front of your monitor and coding for several hours. Programming directly changes your brain to work in another way, you’re starting to think more algorithmically and solve problems faster, so it really affects other aspects of your life

You’re Good at Other Fields as Well

Good programmers not only can learn anything else much faster, especially if we’re talking about tech-related directions, but also they are great examples of entrepreneurs and CEO. Look at Elon Musk, for instance, he was a programmer and built his own game when he was 12. Almost the same idea applies to Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg. They were programmers before starting their own businesses, and their coding perspective really benefited them in completing many other challenging jobs.

You can’t be a great programmer if you still haven’t built anything. I’m not talking about some simple projects just to practice and upload on your GitHub, or any other more complex project which hasn’t seen a light yet. I’m talking about real projects that solve some kind of problem, it can be a service that helps a certain group of people or some open-source algorithm that for instance helps you to accomplish some tasks that weren’t able before.

You’re Good If You Can Create Something

In other words, you need to build a real-life project that really helps people and solves their problems. Not just a project for practice. It would be even better if you’ll then turn it into a fully working Start-up and even find investors who think that your solution is necessary for people. So yeah, think about it closely and start creating today!

In other words, you must first ask yourself these questions before acting “Can I complete it on my own?”, “Am I knowledgeable and skilled enough?”. If the response is negative, you shouldn’t begin this task.

You’re Confident in Your Skill

Also, even if you’re working with your team or have someone else who can help, you need to imagine that you need to build this project alone. It will give you an understanding of what you know and what you need to know to accomplish this task and will make hope only for yourself. Before starting you’ll be sure that you can do it fully alone and that even if one of your co-workers will left the team you’ll still be able to end-build everything yourself.

As we briefly discussed previously, programming encourages creative thinking and teaches you how to approach problems in the most effective way. But in order to do so, you must first be able to solve a lot of these difficulties and have a passion for doing so; only then will you probably succeed as a developer.

You Love to Solve Problem

If you’ve just started and thought that easy, then you’re completely wrong. You just haven’t figured out genuinely challenging problems, and the more you learn, the more difficult and complex the difficulties get. Because you need to not only solve it, but also solve it in the most effective way possible, speed up your algorithm, and optimize everything. Therefore, you’re probably a great developer if you can handle many complex problems in a row without getting overwhelmed.

It’s not a secret that programmers are one of the most mobile people in the whole world. And that’s the main difference between great and average developers. The good one will have as few things in his life as it’s possible and will have a minimal lifestyle, so he’s independent and can move anywhere around the world.

You‘re at The Highest Level of Mobility

I’ll give you an example, the first programmer is the one who has a huge PC, a lot of other actually useless things which he uses rarely and that lives in his bedroom without changing the location at all and works at some local company from 9 to 5. The second type of programmer is the one who travels frequently, works remotely, owns a laptop, and refuses to make purchases based on the opinion of others. He lives a very different life than the earlier one. Due to his remote employment and way of life, his life is full of emotions, and he depends on nothing. So, yes, being mobile is a crucial quality in a great developer.

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