Tips To Improve Communication Skills 

Good communication skill is essential to articulate your thoughts clearly. It also helps enhance your overall personality. 

Here are some tips to improve your communication skills.  

Be clear and concise 

Being clear and concise while communicating persuades the listeners effectively. Express your thoughts clearly with brevity 

Become a good listener 

Good notes 

Pay careful attention to the speaker with active listening without interrupting. Listening skills help one understand the speaker better 


Empathising while communicating is necessary to build rapport with others. Understand the feelings of people around you for effective communication 

Non-verbal skills 

Non-verbal skills like body language, tone of your voice, and your attitude play an important role in articulating your thoughts 

Emotional intelligence 

Build your emotional intelligence by comprehending your own feelings. If you are aware of your own ideas, behaviour and thoughts, you can express them clearly 

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