Vocabulary for IELTS

Vocabulary for Task 1 to show an upward trend Soar Example: The use of electricity soared last month. Rocket Example: The use of mobile phones has rocketed in the last five months. Surge Example: People’s interest in electronic gadgets has been surging.

Vocabulary for Task 1 to show downward trend Slip back Example: Use of telephones has slipped back in the past 10 years. Sink Example: The housing cost sinked after corona pandemic. Dip Example: The crime rate has dipped in the past few years.

Adjective vocabs for showing a steady trend Constant A constant shift Steadily moved steadily Consistent A consistent flow

Adjective vocabs for showing a small increase or decrease trend Gradual A gradual fall slight A slight rise Modest A modest increase

Vocabulary for Task 2 to show contrast 1.On the other hand, 2. While, 3. Whereas, 4. On the contrary, 5. Even though, 6. Alternatively,

Vocabulary to present an idea 1. When it comes to... 2. Not only... but also.. 3. Research shows that... 4. With respect to... 5. Research has found that…

Phrases to explain more ideas 1. Furthermore, 2. Apart from this, 3. Another point worth noticing is, 4. Another factor to consider is, 5. In addition, 6. Also, 7. Besides, 8. Not only... but also …

Vocabulary for IELTS writing task 2 conclusion 1. To recapitulate, 2. To conclude, 3. To sum up, 4. In a nutshell, 5. To summarize

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