What is the fee of Canadian Universities after 12th? 

Tuition fees for Canadian universities after 12th (for undergraduate programs) vary depending on factors such as the university, program of study, and student's residency status (domestic or international).

For domestic students (Canadian citizens and permanent residents), undergraduate tuition fees can range from approximately CAD $5,000 to CAD $20,000 per year.

Professional programs such as medicine, dentistry, and engineering often have higher tuition fees for domestic students, reaching upwards of CAD $40,000 per year.

International students can expect higher tuition fees compared to domestic students. On average, international undergraduate students may pay between CAD $15,000 and CAD $35,000 per year.

Professional programs for international students tend to have even higher fees, ranging from CAD $30,000 to CAD $60,000 per year or more.

The actual tuition fees can vary significantly among universities and programs, so it's essential to visit the official websites of the specific universities for accurate and up-to-date information.

In addition to tuition fees, students should also consider other expenses such as accommodation, textbooks, health insurance, and living costs when budgeting for their education in Canada.

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