Why is coaching better than self-study for the IELTS exam?

The IELTS, an English proficiency exam, is a skill-based test, and a few people think that they will be able to achieve their desired score through self-study. However, a large number of people prefer to take coaching for IELTS preparation.

Are you confused about whether to study on your own or with a teacher?   - Tap on the screen to view a few benefits of studying at an IELTS coaching center

An IELTS coaching place will have other people of your age for you to participate in healthy competition.

Competition & enthusiasm

Any institute with qualified and certified trainers can be very helpful. Moreover, a person who is excellent at the language might still need some guidance along with evaluation and scoring.

Guidance and evaluation

Certain specific formats and strategies are difficult to self-learn, and experienced trainers can properly inform about such details.

Format and strategies

To understand the marking criteria and the descriptors a guided approach is preferred.

Marking criteria & descriptors

Here at Vocab Quiz, we use authentic and vast material which is skill-based and practice-oriented.

Authentic & vast material

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