Idioms about Age -

Idioms about Age

Idioms about Age

Ever felt like you’re “past your prime” or just a “kid in a candy store”? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! Age is a curious thing, and English idioms have a hilarious way of capturing its ups and downs. So grab your “golden years” and dive into this playful exploration of how language reflects the ever-changing landscape of life.

act one’s age
Meaning: to behave in a way that is appropriate for a particular age

age before beauty
Meaning: A phrase said to allow older people to go before younger ones. Now most often used humorously or lightheartedly, and usually said by a younger person to an older friend or relative out of mock pity for being so much older and unattractive.

age out of something
Meaning: The phrase age out of something means to reach an age at which one is no longer eligible for the system of care designed to provide services, such as education or protection, for people below a certain age level.

come of age
The phrase come of age means to reach adulthood.

coon’s age
Meaning: The idiom a coon’s age refers to a very long period of time.

dog’s age
The idiom dog’s age refers to a long period of time.

feel your age
The phrase feel your age means to realize that you are growing old.

get on in years
advanced in age.

golden age
Period of prosperity.

I wasn’t born yesterday
If you say you ‘I wasn’t born yesterday’ you mean that you are not stupid enough to believe anything said to you.

in a coon’s age
The phrase in a coon’s age means in a very long time.

in this day and age
In the present.

leave the nest
The phrase leave the nest means to move from one’s parents’ home. Such a move is mainly motivated by a desire for independence.

life begins at 40
The phrase life begins at 40 means that when one reaches the age of forty, life becomes better, maybe because one has the skills, experiences, and means necessary for an enjoyable life.

long in the tooth
very old.; Getting on in years

of a certain age
no longer young; Said about people who are not young.

of advanced age
The phrase of advanced age or advanced years describes someone as old.

of age
Old enough to be considered an adult.

on in years
Old; advanced in age.

over the hill
too old to perform as well as before.

put years on
If something puts years on somebody, it makes them look or feel much older.

Ripe old age
Very old age.

tender age
Meaning: A young age.

under age
Meaning: The phrase under age means to be too young to be eligible for something.

young at hear
Meaning: To be young at heart means to have a youthful spirit in spite of being old.

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