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About Alliteration Vocabulary Word List

Alliteration is the conspicuous repetition of identical initial consonant sounds in successive or closely associated syllables within a group of words, often used as a literary device.

List of Alliteration Vocabulary Word List: IELTS & GRE Exam vocabulary


back-bitingback breakerbad blood
bare bonesbated breathbeach bum
bear the brunt ofbeat around the busha bee in your bonnet
belle of the ballbest and brightestbest buddies
bet your bottom dollarbig bang theorybig brother
big bucksbigger and betterbirthday boy
bite the bulletblind as a batblood brother
boom to bustbottom of the barrelbounce back
bread and butterbright-eyed and bushy-tailedbuilding blocks
busy as a beeby the book

cash cowcash cropchit-chat
chump changechunk of changeclass clown
clear cutclose callthe coast is clear
code of conductcommon coldcommon courtesy
cool as a cucumbercookie cuttercourse correction
country clubcream of the cropcrew cut
crystal clearcut corners

dare-devildastardly deeddaydream
dead as a doornaildead duckdo or die
double daredown in the dumpsdrip dry
dull as dishwaterdry as dust

fact findingfancy footworkfan the flames
fast and furiousfather figurefear factor
feast or faminefeeding frenzyfew and far between
fickle finger of fatefight or flightfleet of foot
flight of fancyfond farewellforgive and forget
French friesfrequent flierfrom the frying pan to the fire

gas guzzlergentle giantget your goat
gift of gabgive up the ghostAll that glitters is not gold.
go for the goldgo-getteras good as gold
the grass is greener

hale and heartyhalf-heartedhappy Halloween
happy holidayshard headedhave a heart
fall head over heelsheave hoheaven and hell
heavy hitterhem and hawhigh hopes
hit the hayhome sweet homehouse and home

Jack and Jilljibber-jabberjumbo jet
jump for joyjumping jacks

King Kongknock-kneed

a labor of lovethe lap of luxurylarger than life
last laughlaundry listlaw of the land
leaping lizardsnew lease on lifeleft in the lurch
lily-liveredlike it or lump itlive and learn
live the lifelong-lost lovelook before you leap
love letterno love lost

mad as a March haremelt in your mouthman in the moon
mere mortalsmethod to the madnessMickey Mouse
mind over matterthe more the merriermotor mouth
move mountains

naughty or niceneck and necknow or never

part and parcelparty pooperpay the piper
pay to playpeas in a podpeer pressure
pen palpenny wise and pound foolishpersistence pays
Peter Panpet peevepicture perfect
a pig in a pokepinch penniesping pong
pitter patterpleased as punchpots and pans
practice makes perfectpretty pennyprim and proper
primrose pathpublish or perishpull any punches

rabble rouserrags to richesrant and rave
rave reviewsride roughshodright as rain
road ragerock ‘n rollrough rider
round robinwhere the rubber meets the roadRussian roulette

sad sacksafe and soundbetter safe than sorry
secret sauceshell-shockedshape up or ship out
ship shapeSimon says…silver screen
sing for your suppersing-songsink or swim
slippery slopeslowly but surelysmooth sailing
snow screensorry sightspending spree
spoil sportspoonful of sugarstar struck
stars and stripessticks and stonesstuck on stupid
sugar and spicesunny side of the streetsunny side up
surgical strikeswan songsweat shop
sweet sixteensweet smell of successsweet spot

it takes two to tangotaste testtea time
temper tantrumtempest in a teapotthe test of time
thick as thievesthink tankthrough thick and thin
tip toetip toptime and tide
tongue tiedtongue twisterstools of the trade
tough timestreasure trovetrials and tribulations
trick or treattried and trueturn the tables

vice versavim and vigorvis-a-vis

walking woundedwaste not, want nota way with words
wear out your welcomeweasel wordsweeping willow
wend your waywet your whistleWhere there’s a will there’s a way.
whistle while you workwhole-heartedwild west
will o’ the wispwishy-washywit and wisdom
wonders of the worldwords of wisdomword to the wise
work wondersworry wart

yin and yang


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