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Examples of pronouns

What is a Pronoun?

A pronoun is a word that stands in a place of a noun. Pronouns are one of the eight parts of speech. A different pronoun is required relying on the noun being replaced and the function that the noun has in the sentence. It is generally used to avoid the repeated use of nouns. Pronouns have different forms for the different ways of using it.

Below is the list of 6 various kinds of pronouns

  • Personal Pronouns
  • Relative Pronoun
  • Indefinite Pronoun
  • Demonstrative Pronoun
  • Reflexive Pronoun
  • Emphatic Pronoun
Examples Of Pronouns - wordcoach.co

Examples of pronouns

  • He is doing homework.
  • They are good at playing cricket.
  • It is I who did this painting.
  • She has many chocolates in her pocket.
  • I called him for a party at my house.
  • You have to come to my birthday party.
  • I laughed at her.
  • I had forgotten my wallet in the room.
  • He calls you more than (he calls) me.
  • I know a place which is very beautiful.
  • I admire a person who is successful in their career.
  • The pen that is on the table belongs to my friend.
  • I first saw her in New York where I lived for three months.
  • She asked me to complete the project by the evening.
  • The bride started starring herself in the mirror.
  • Everybody was present when I entered in the classroom.
  • The person sitting by your side was my uncle.
  • This vault was unable to open for them.
  • You are the only one who can quickly solve this puzzle.
  • He is planning to hide behind the door.
  • Only those students are applicable to join the contest.
  • Everything will be fine. you have to calm down.
  • His son has been kidnapped.
  • There is nothing to hide from you.
  • I have seen all those pictures you sent to me.
  • You all have to come to my sister’s wedding.
  • I called you yesterday to join us for the party.
  • Someone, Please call the Ambulance.
  • Everyone wants to Improve yourself.
  • Everyone needs time to unwind.
  • We finally moved to another city.
  • The were staying in someone’s apartment.

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