Examples Of Simple Future Tense Sentences

Examples of Simple Future Tense Sentences

Simple future tense refers to an action that will take place in the future. Generally, it is used to describe a prediction or intention.

Pattern: Subject + will/shall + verb + object

To form the simple future tense, all you need to do is add the word will before the root form of the verb. For example, the simple future tense of sing is will sing, and the simple future tense of give is will give.


  1. Shall is used with first person singular and plural 
  2. Will is generally used with Second and third person
    but using it in the first person also makes the grammatically correct sentence

Common Verbs in the Simple Future

InfinitiveSimple FutureNegative
to bewill bewill not be
to askwill askwill not ask
to workwill workwill not work
to callwill callwill not call
to usewill usewill not call
to havewill havewill not have

The Going to Construction

InfinitiveIYou, We, TheyHe, She, It
to beam going to be
am not going to be
are going to be
are not going to be
is going to be
is not going to be
to askam going to ask
am not going to ask
are going to ask
are not going to ask
is going to ask
is not going to ask

Examples of Simple Future Tense

  • I will cry when it’s time to leave.
  • I shall write an essay.
  • Aileen will complete her first novel this October.
  • Ben will sing a good song.
  • They will bake the pies.
  • I shall work hard to obtain good marks.
  • We will arrive in the evening.
  • My father will go to California.
  • She lands at nine.
  • He will become a good person.
  • Patrick completes his event setup at five.
  • We shall go to school along.
  • The band finishes their repertoire at eight.
  • you will remember our whole life.
  • Their door opens after eleven.
  • John will play football tomorrow.
  • School starts at seven.
  • My mother will cook delicious food.
  • I am going to win this race.
  • Dona will buy a new mobile next month.
  • I am going to move to Europe.
  • They will sleep in the afternoon.
  • He is going to run home.
  • Next year, I will live in London.
  • We are going to bake a pie.
  • I will return her book.
  • We are going to sail to the shoreline.
  • We will win the match today.
  • Kanye West will not run for president.
  • Tomorrow, We shall go to the barber.
  • We are not winning this race.
  • They will stay outside.
  • She will not work for free.
  • She will come to the party.
  • They are not giving away any more prizes.
  • Lots of people will go on vacation this summer.
  • Next year, I will buy a new car.
  • We will not say goodbye.
  • Today, I will watch a movie.
  • It will stay in the outside.
  • We will probably win.
  • I will write articles on different topics.
  • You will go to France tomorrow.
  • Robert will read various kinds of books.
  • When will you travel?
  • April will prefer coffee to tea.
  • I will stay at home at the weekend.
  • We will go shopping in that market this Monday.
  • You will go to France tomorrow.
  • We will go to enjoy the musical drama.

Examples Of Simple Future Tense Sentences

Exercise of Simple Future Tense

  • I ______ wake up early in the morning.
  • We ______ eat apples tonight.
  • She ______ write a letter to her brother.
  • They ______ love them forever.
  • I ______ do it again.

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