Idioms about nationalities

Idioms about nationalities

Chinese whispers
Meaning: to any situation where information is passed on from person to person, becoming distorted in the process of transmission.

Dutch treat
Meaning: to a meal or entertainment for which each person pays his or her own expenses.

going Dutch
Meaning: each person attending a paid activity should pay their own expenses.

I’m a Dutchman
Meaning: used to stress the fact that something is extremely unbelievable or completely unacceptable.

Indian file
Meaning: a line of people or things arranged one behind another.

it’s all Greek to someone
Meaning: something is completely unintelligible as if it is written in a language that one does not speak.

like Chinese arithmetic
Meaning: it is very hard to understand.

Mexican standoff
Meaning: to confrontations in which no one seems to emerge as a winner.

take French leave
Meaning: the act of leaving a location or event without permission.

talk for England
Meaning: someone who is talkative

young Turk
Meaning: to a young person who is progressive, rebellious, and difficult to control in an organization, political party, team, etc.

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