Idioms about furniture

Idioms about furniture

a watched pot never boils
Meaning: things appear to go more slowly if one waits anxiously for it.

armchair critic
Meaning: An armchair critic is a person who knows or pretends to know a lot about something in theory rather than practice.

be part of the furniture
Meaning: if someone or something is part of the furniture, they have been somewhere so long as to seem an integral part of the place.

bring the curtain down
Meaning: To bring the curtain down to something means to bring something to an end.

bring to the table
Meaning: To bring something to the table means to contribute something to a group effort.

call on the carpet
Meaning: To reprimand; to censure severely or angrily.

cut a rug
Meaning: To dance.

darken someone’s door
Meaning: To darken someone’s door means to be an unwelcome visitor.

Meaning: The phrase To be a doormat or to be treated like a doormat describes a weak person who is abused by others and submits to domination.

draw the curtain on / over
Meaning: To draw the curtain on or over something means to bring it to an end.

have a lot on one’s plate
Meaning: This idiom is used to mean that one is very busy and have commitments.

have too much on one’s plate
Meaning: The idiom have too much on one’s plate means to be too busy.

in one’s cups
Meaning: If someone is their cups, they are drunk or in the act of consuming alcohol liberally.

in the oven
Meaning: If a woman has one in the oven, it means that she is pregnant.

lie like a rug
Meaning: To lie like a rug means to tell lies shamelessly.

lift the curtain
Meaning: to start.; to make something known or public; disclose.

memory like a sieve
Meaning: To have a memory like a sieve means to have a very poor memory.

off the shelf
Meaning: ready made for purchase; in a form that is ready to be used.

on the table
Meaning: being discussed or considered.

sweep something under the carpet
Meaning: to hide or ignore something.

turn the tables
Meaning: Reverse a situation

under the table
Meaning: Without being officially recorded

wet blanket
Meaning: Someone who dampens a festive occasion

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