Idioms about home

Idioms about home

a roof over your head
Meaning: a place to live.

charity begins at home
Meaning: Charity begins at home is a proverb. It means that, before deciding to take care of other people, one’s family should be one’s foremost concern.

close to home
Meaning: If something is close to home, it affects you personally.

come out of the woodwork
Meaning: The phrase to come out of the woodwork is an idiomatic expression that means to emerge suddenly and unexpectedly

everything but the kitchen sink
Meaning: Almost everything, whether needed or not.

foot in the door
Meaning: To get a foot in the door means to make initial contact or to get an opportunity.

go home in a box
Meaning: to die and be shipped home.

go through the roof
Meaning: become very angry.

hit a home run
Meaning: to be successful.

hit the ceiling
Meaning: to become very angry and start shouting.

hit the roof
Meaning: Explode in rage; become extremely angry

home away from home
Meaning: A habitual hangout; a place one frequents often and where one feels welcome

home free
Meaning: to be certain of being successful because you have finished the most difficult part.

home truth
Meaning: The phrase home truth refers to an unpleasant fact about oneself.

house of cards
Meaning: a situation structure, system, organization, or plan that is weak and is likely to fail or collapse

make yourself at home
Meaning: ask them to consider themselves as if they were in their own homes.

man’s home is his castle
Meaning: This idiom suggest tha people are free to do whatever they want to in their own home

men make houses women make homes
Meaning: It’s often the men who build or acquire houses for their families, but it’s usually women who provide the things that make a house into a home.

roof something over
Meaning: to build a roof over something.

sweep something under the rug
Meaning: To hide something because it’s embarassing.

the home straight
Meaning: The last part of a difficult work.

the home stretch
Meaning: The last part of a difficult work.

wake up on the wrong side of bed
Meaning: To feel grumpy, irritable; to be easily annoyed.

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