Idioms about life

Idioms about life

a fact of life
Meaning: This idiom is used to refer to something which is unpleasant and which people accept because they cannot change it.

a life-saver
Meaning: This phrase is used to refer to something or someone that saves a person in a difficult situation or critical moment.

a new lease of life
Meaning: This idiom is used to refer to an occasion when something gives you the chance to become happy or healthy and makes you more energetic than before.

all walks of life
Meaning: Occupations, roles, social class, or lifestyle.

between life and death
Meaning: A situation involving the danger of dying or being killed.

charmed life
Meaning: The phrase “charmed life” refers to a life protected as if by magic charms. It describes a person who is very lucky and is strangely unaffected by dangers and difficulties.

dog’s life
Meaning: a miserable, unhappy existence.

fact of life
Meaning: Something that cannot be avoided.

for the life of me
Meaning: This idiom is used colloquially to mean “if one’s (own) life depended on it.” It

get a life
Meaning: This is an idiom that indicates that someone’s life is boring and pointless and that they should make their life more interesting.

give the kiss of life
Meaning: To give the kiss of life means to help a person who has stopped breathing by giving them artificial respiration, that is to say, by blowing into their mouth and pressing their chest.

larger than life
Meaning: Conveying a sense of greatness, imposing

live on borrowed time
Meaning: to exist only thanks to good fortune

Meaning: A low-life is a person who is considered morally unacceptable by their community such as thieves, drug dealers, drug users, alcoholics, thugs, prostitutes and pimps.

run for one’s life
Meaning: To run for your life means to run away to save one’s life.

shelf life
Meaning: The length of time something will last.

slice of life
Meaning: The phrase slice of life refers to a realistic representation of everyday experience in art and entertainment

take someone’s life
Meaning: To kill someone.

you can bet your life
Meaning: This idiom is used to mean that you are absolutely certain that something is true or will happen.

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