Idioms about general

Idioms about general

all the more
Meaning: even more.

along the lines
Meaning: in a general direction or manner.

bag of tricks
Meaning: A set of methods or resources

be a barrel of laughs
Meaning: To be fun, funny, and pleasant.

behind bars
Meaning: To be in prison.

behind closed doors
Meaning: in private; in one’s private life.

big deal
Meaning: An important event or accomplishment

big wheel
Meaning: A person with a great deal of power or influence, especially a high-ranking person in an organization.

bite me
Meaning: An expression of discontent, aggravation or anger.

blessing in desguise
Meaning: a blessing in disguise is said when a misfortune has some unexpected benefits

blow a kiss
Meaning: To kiss one’s hand, then blow on the hand in a direction towards the recipient.

bottomless pit
Meaning: Someone with a seemingly boundless appetite.; A situation that seems to have no limits.

call a spade a spade
Meaning: To speak frankly and directly about a problem

case in point
Meaning: an example that illustrates a point

chalk something up to inexperience
Meaning: To attribute a failure to inexperience and learn from that particular experience.

come clean
Meaning: To confess; to admit to wrongdoing

come to terms with
Meaning: to gradually accept a sad situation.

come to your attention
Meaning: (also come to your notice) said when you notice something.

come true
Meaning: said when something happens although it was unlikely that it would.

common as an old shoe
Meaning: low class; unrefined; ill-mannered; uncouth.

dance with death
Meaning: try to do something that involves a lot of risks.

dead loss
Meaning: something described as a dead loss is absolutely unsuccessful or useless

do the trick
Meaning: said about something that works.

drop the subject
Meaning: to stop discussing a subject.

easy come, easy go
Meaning: said about something which is easily won or obtained and then soon spent or lost.

every trick in the book
Meaning: said when you try every possible way to achieve something.

fall through the cracks
Meaning: to be missed; to escape the necessary notice or attention

for all I care
Meaning: used to suggest that you don’t care.

gas up
Meaning: to fill a vehicle with gasoline.

get off the track
Meaning: To start talking about a different topic, instead of talking about the real one.

have an axe to grind
Meaning: to have a strong opinion about something.

have one’s wires crossed
Meaning: to be confused.

how come?
Meaning: used to ask how or why.

in the bag
Meaning: Certain or extremely likely to occur; assured about the success of somoething.

in the wake of
Meaning: following, as a result of.

in the zone
Meaning: focused

jam on the brakes
Meaning: to press the brakes suddenly and in a hard way.

keep somebody in stitches
Meaning: to keep somebody laughing hard or amused.

keep tabs on
Meaning: to monitor; to keep track of; to watch.

kick the bucket
Meaning: To die

know something inside and out
Meaning: to know something very thoroughly.

lie low
Meaning: To hide; not to draw attention to oneself.

magic touch
Meaning: a special skill to do something very well.

magic wand
Meaning: a quick and an easy way to solve a problem

mark my words
Meaning: Listen to me; used before a statement one wishes to emphasize.

middle of the road
Meaning: having a centrist attitude or philosophy; not extreme, especially politically.

Mister Right
Meaning: A perfect, ideal or suitable mate or husband.

never mind
Meaning: it’s not important; do not be concerned

next to nothing
Meaning: almost; hardly.

no comment
Meaning: an “official” refusal to relay any further information, as a response to a newspaper reporter’s question.

not half bad
Meaning: Pretty good; okay; decent.

not miss a trick
Meaning: said about someone who is extremely alert.

nothing to sneeze at
Meaning: not bad; decent; acceptable; worthwhile.

odds and ends
Meaning: various often worthless small items.

pack a wallop
Meaning: to provide energy, power, or excitement.

pass the buck
Meaning: Transfer a problem to someone else

pay dearly
Meaning: to suffer because of a particlar action.

pick of the bunch
Meaning: the best.

picture paints a thousand words
Meaning: a picture will be far more descriptive of something than words can ever be.

right down to
Meaning: considering even minor things or people.

right on the button
Meaning: to be exactly right.

say your piece
Meaning: Tell what you have to say

see someone’s point
Meaning: To understand the meaning that someone is trying to convey.

send up a trial balloon
Meaning: to test public opinion and response to something.

set the wheels in motion
Meaning: to initiate a chain of events necessary to help one achieve a goal

shape up or ship out
Meaning: Behave properly or leave the organization

shift gears
Meaning: Change the subject, or change what one is doing

sink or swim
Meaning: Fail or succeed

take a dim view of
Meaning: to disapprove of something.

take it on the lam
Meaning: to run away.

take it or leave it
Meaning: said about an offer when you either accept it or reject it completely.

tall order
Meaning: The phrase a tall order refers to something that is very difficult to do.

the customer is always right.
Meaning: In order to make profit, it is necessary for a business to satisfy customers’ wishes and make them happy.

the jury is out
Meaning: an outcome or decision is still unknown and awaited.

to pull the trigger
Meaning: To fire a gun.; To commit to a course of action.

trick of the trade
Meaning: a clever skill related to a profession.

under construction
Meaning: said about something which is being built or fixed.

under pressure
Meaning: to be facing something in a stressful environment due to a pressure or a deadline.

under the influence
Meaning: Intoxicated, inebriated, or otherwise stupefied by an ingested mind-altering substance, commonly speaking of alcohol : drunk.

wait and see
Meaning: to wait to see what will occur after.

walk of life
Meaning: an occupation, role, social class, or lifestyle.

waste breath
Meaning: To speak in a manner which is needless or futile; in discussion or argument to make points which are not appreciated or heeded.

watch this space
Meaning: an indication that a development will follow.

wax and wane
Meaning: to increase and decrease.

weep buckets
Meaning: to cry a lot.

X marks the spot.
Meaning: said to show the exact spot.

you got me there
Meaning: I can’t answer your question.

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